Dear Marianne

Thank you so much for grooming sam our irish Setter to such a superb level. I keep looking at him, cuddling him and I don't think he has ever looked better. He really does look in good condition. . . .Mr and Mrs Brennan

We are really pleased with the way you have groomed our Cocker Spaniel, he's never looked better. . . 

Meg and Tess our two scruffy Cocker Spaniels were turned into Crufts style beauties after their first session with Marianne. Meg was given a very trendy and very neat crew cut for health reasons and Tess was given a fantastic Cocker clip and looks gorgeous.

They both had to be prised out of Marianne's loving arms and had obviously been extremely well treated. We will definitely be booking them in for their next clip and cannot recommend 'Dogzbodys' highly enough. Thank you very much Marianne. The Wilkinson Family


Buddy- 'Marianne gave my dog Buddy - a 3yr old lab x lurcher, agility dog, a course of massage sessions over the past 6 weeks. I have to say I doubted very much that the sessions would be a success for Buddy as although he has a fantastic nature, he is very wriggly and won't even tolerate me running my hands over him for a length of time, without getting into a wriggly, worried, nervous state at what might be happening to him. (He was thrown out of a car onto the motorway at 3 months old and I think that this experience along with numerous trips to the vets when he was in his first year has had an affect on him if he is overly handled)   

I was therefore delighted and very surprised that Buddy very quickly relaxed into his sessions and would remain on the massage mat lying, relaxing and sometimes asleep whilst Marianne massaged him! I know my dog and this is unheard of for him! He very much benefited from the sessions after running agility courses for an hour, it has helped him with stiffness on his left side which would fit with him favouring his right hand side. He was very relaxed afterwards - sleeping and not moving for the rest of the afternoon/evening. A very beneficial and positive experience for Buddy. I have been very impressed with Mariannes professionalism, incredible caring nature, knowledge and above all her ability to relax my dog from a wiggly, enthusiastic but nervous boy to one that can relax so much whilst been handled/massaged that he falls fast asleep during the sessions!'

Alfie - 'I have noticed a real difference at what is always a difficult time for Alfie following his extensive surgery 3 years ago.  He copes OK in the summer but when it gets cold he becomes stiffer and stiffer.
Last week following his treatment he was quiet on the day you worked on him, a little stiff on day 2 but on day 3 I noticed an amazing difference in his posture and his energy levels.  
You have a lovely way with him and he has come to really trust you which is wonderful, thank you.'

Joe - 'it was wonderful having Marianne working with our much loved Labrador Joe. She was so patient, kind and gentle with him and very quickly gained his trust.  He wasn¹t overly keen on having his hind massaged too much and Marianne was soon able to determine when it became uncomfortable for him and adjust his massage accordingly.  I also appreciated the way that Marianne took the time to explain to me exactly what she was doing and why it would help him as it enabled me to understand fully both the mechanics and the benefits of the treatment.'