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Chipping Norton & Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Dogzbodys grooming service, offering a complete range of professional dog grooming services to all breeds.


Regular grooming is an important part of your dog's health care. Ensuring that their coat is free from knotted, dead hair and skin disease will promote a comfortable, great looking and healthy coat.

It can also help minimize the amount of mess brought into the home, as a neat and tidy paw picks up less dirt and is easier to clean. Another benefit of professional dog grooming is less hair being dropped in the house, which can lead to allergy flare ups for so many of us and added housework.


Dogzbodys Dog Grooming Service is based in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.
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Experience and Qualifications

I have been grooming 6 years and in that time have also qualified as a canine massage therapist. I've worked with and cared for dogs over 25 years. Much of my experience has come from dog boarding kennels, voluntary work at Battersea dogs home and through owning German Shepherds and Spaniels most of my life.

I have gained a hands on premium dog grooming diploma with a City and Guilds instructor at one of Oxfordshire's leading training schools and now own Dogzbodys Dog Grooming Service.

Please do feel free to speak to me about you and your dogs individual needs and I will aim to provide a trim that suits your lifestyle. I am also happy to help with any styling/welfare advice for his or her breed. Contact

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