Our Facilities

On arrival, I always try to let your dog have a roam around the garden whenever possible – this will give the them an opportunity to settle into the surroundings and relax before I begin.

Relaxing and Enjoyable

Depending on what the breed requires the grooming session will take around 2 hours. This allows for lots of breaks so they can stretch their legs or rest in between clipping, bathing, scissoring etc. Being groomed can be a little overwhelming for some dogs. If they are not being rushed and are given ample opportunity to relax then it makes it more of an enjoyable experience than a stressful one.

Secure and Friendly

I work from home where I have a purpose built facility, a large and secure garden and a dog friendly home. Everything is geared to providing a relaxed, safe, secure and clean environment. I only book one dog at a time so they get my full attention. Please feel free to pull in off the road where you will find ample parking.