Canine Massage

Why Massage?

Massage Therapy is a natural hands on therapy which is recorded throughout history within many ancient civilisations, it is a holistic therapy which supports the body to heal itself.

Massage involves the manipulation of superficial, deep muscles and connective tissues using many specialist techniques and movements, it helps speed the healing process, eliminate toxins from the body, promotes a feeling of wellbeing and can provide a natural form of pain relief.

We often use massage to relieve symptoms in ourselves, our canine companions benefit in just the same way both physically and mentally. Dogs by their nature are very resilient when in pain and obviously they can’t tell us what is going on. Muscular pain can be debilitating, here are just some of the reasons that dogs are referred for Massage Therapy.

Who can it help?

Pet Dogs -                               Stiffness, lameness, change in personality, loosing sparkle, getting old before their time.
                                                 Reluctance to be groomed/touched. emotional issues -rescue,  dogs that have 
                                                 difficulty getting into the car or onto the sofa, struggle to get up after lying down for a while.

Performance Dogs –              Agility Performance, Show Dog, Working Trials

Post Operative Recovery –   Cruciate Ligament Repair, Hip replacement, TPLO, TTA, Spinal surgery

Neurological Problems –       CDRM, Inter vertebral Disc Disease, Spinal Lesions

Orthopaedic Issues –             Arthritis, OCD (Osteochondrosisdessicans), Hip Dysplasia, Spondylosis, Luxating Patella.
                                                  Injury Rehabilitation eg: Fracture, Elbow Dysplasia, aches and pains, prolong longevity, arthritis.

Behaviour –                             Head shy, nervous, change in behaviours, recent aggression on touching, phobias

Health Management –            Injury investigation via palpation, injury rehabilitation, sudden onset lameness.

Senior Dogs –                        Natural pain management, helping quality of life, ease stiffness.

Massage aims to:

-Promote general well being

-Positively influence the bodies natural healing process.

-Relax muscle spasm.

-Release Trigger Points (knots).

-Improve circulation, mobility and flexibility.

-Relieve tension, stiffness, tightness.

-Relieve connective tissue restrictions.

-Reduce and alleviate pain and soreness.

-Eliminate wastes ie: lactic acid which is responsible for stiffness after exercise.

-relieve anxiety

-improve range of movement

What to expect and fees:

Initial consultation £30 (allow 1 1/2 hrs)

 This first session includes

-health and fitness history

-conformation review

-introducing the dog to  massage treatment

-range of movement assessment

-maintainance recommendations

Follow up treatments from £25 (allow 1hr)

-massage treatment for your individual dog

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